CP Time Warp #20: Halloween

Hello Penguins,

Looks like the last prediction I made about the last time warp being the 19th was incorrect!

MeggBot has posted another time warp on the Whats New Blog!

Get ready penguins, because this next time warp will blow you away!
One of our artists, Amazem, drew this for our 2013 Halloween Party to show what each room of the haunted Puffle Hotel would like from the outside. Kinda like an epic haunted CP version of a doll house – AMAZing riGHt?! ((Goto END. END!@)) ThiS is MINE…DANGER DANGER! ZZT *BZORT

What a fun fact! On the other hand, EEK! MeggBot has now been taken over by Herbert! Quick Deamama, get the tech team to fix the bot! Run for your life!

The Halloween Party 2015 starts tomorrow! Are you excited? Comment Below!



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