CP Time Warp #11: Card-Jitsu Water

Hello Penguins,

MeggBot has posted another time warp on the Whats New Blog...

Way back when, Waddledodds did a piece of key art that made the team really excited to get into making Card-Jitsu water.

Hey - did you know that in Card-Jitsu Water, Sensei is programmed to search your item inventory for specific items (like the squid lid or other ninja items) and if you have them, he'll comment on them?

Did you know there is
a squid on your head? I'm sure
it will help you train!

Yup. Depending on what you're wearing or what you have in your inventory, Sensei might come up a special haiku for you. Here are just a couple of examples that you might have never seen:

Your Amulet shows
your desire to master
all the elements

Ahh, the Beta Hat.
The most ancient of all hats.
I rarely wear mine.

Ah, black puffles are
Masters of Fire.
Is yours...grumpy in water?"

Oh! You have a beard!
A fine choice. Mine helps me train....
Wait. Is that tied on?



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