A Rare Interview With Manager Of Club Penguin Spike Hike (By Spikey2007)

Hello Penguins,

A you-tuber named Spikey2007 was lucky enough to meet Spike Hike, the general manager of Club Penguin at the Games Beat Conference. He was also able to do an interview with him... Below is the interview.

Credits: Spikey2007

Here is the point of the post where I mention some important points raised by Spike Hike.

  • Biggest changes coming to Club Penguin in 2016.
  • CP Next and Server Jumping coming in 2016
  • Herbert may be making an appearance soon.
  • More stamps coming in 2016. 
  • Project Super Secret is biger then Club Penguin.
    • It will bring a massive change in the way we socialize.
  • A new card jitsu game, basically a 3D reboot of card jitsu.
  • The chat filter is getting fixed.
  • The Merry Walrus is returning this year.
  • New puffles are coming this year!
Congratulations Spikey2007!



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