Party Profile: Operation Blackout

Hello Penguins,

Today a new segment joins the blog... Party Profiles. 

In Party Profiles, past Club Penguin parties will be reviewed, and either a goldsilver, or bronze medal will be awarded to the party.


Today's party profile is Operation Blackout, which occurred in November 2012 and in my opinion, this is still one of the best parties that has occurred to Club Penguins.

The plot of this party was that Herbert P. Bear built a machine that blocked the whole islands sun, bringing it to his fortress, and penguins had to stop this by entering that and completing daily challenges. Though before all this, Herbert also set fire to the EPF. With no HQ, the EPF moved to the underground.

Another few important points about this party are that this party had broken login records... On November 24th 2012,  1.8 million penguins had logged in within the past 24 hours, thus breaking the previous login record, as stated on a post on the blog here! The most likely reason due to this was that the last stage of the operation started, where Herbert lost... and the Directors identity was revealed! As well as all this, just about every room was decorated throughout the party! As the Operation went on, snow built up on the island and piled onto the buildings! No party has ever gone this far into visual design. In a party review, this party would get 10/10 for that!

In my opinion, this is still undoubtedly one of the best parties Club Penguin has even thrown. Therefore, a gold medal is awarded!

Well, that wraps it up for this Party Profile! Please share your thoughts on this party below!

Waddle On,


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