Party Profile: Merry Walrus Party

Hello Penguins,

Today's Party Profile is on the Merry Walrus Party which happened in December last year. In my opinion, as these party profiles are, was- well, more focused on the television short, which was telecasted on the Disney XD channel in many countries, rather than the actual party itself.

The plot of this story  in #477 Club Penguins Times, Aunt Arctic wrote about when she found a book, detailing the Merry Walrus. That Merry Walrus the came to the island and the party had began! This party also hosted the annual Coins For Change event!

Sadly, apart from the Merry Walrus being mentioned in an article, no other story line was given. Also, just about every room was EXACT to the previous, beloved Holiday Parties. The only difference? The color scheme changed from "red and green" to "blue and white". That was just irritating.  Could the team not have thought of changing the room? I could do a discussion on that part of the party!  Even more, the sky wasn't darkened for the party... A big no-no for me. Just about all the Holiday Parties had this awesome effect... why stop it now?

In my opinion, this party was okay, but noting special, though not the worst in the history of Club Penguin. Therefore, for this party alone, a silver award is given.

Well, that wraps it up for this Party Profile! Please share your thoughts on this party below!

Waddle On,


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